English Verbs Starting with T

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to toy toyed toyed
to trace traced traced
to trace traced traced
to track tracked tracked
to trade traded traded
to trail trailed trailed
to train trained trained
to trample trampled trampled
to transcend transcended transcended
to transfer transferred transferred
to transfigure transfigured transfigured
to transfix transfixed transfixed
to transform transformed transformed
to transfuse transfused transfused
to transgress transgressed transgressed
to translate translated translated
to transmigrate transmigrated transmigrated
to transmit transmitted transmitted
to transmute transmuted transmuted
to transpire transpired transpired
to transplant transplanted transplanted
to transport transported transported
to transpose transposed transposed
to trap trapped trapped
to travel travelled travelled
to travesty travestied travestied
to treasure treasured treasured
to treat treated treated
to tremble trembled trembled
to trench trenched trenched
to trepan trepanned trepanned
to trespass trespassed trespassed
to triangulate triangulated triangulated
to trick tricked tricked
to trickle trickled trickled
to trigger triggered triggered
to trim trimmed trimmed
to trip tripped tripped
to triple tripled tripled
to triumph triumphed triumphed
to trot trotted trotted
to trouble troubled troubled
to trump trumped trumped
to trumpet trumpeted trumpeted
to truncate truncated truncated
to truss trussed trussed
to trust trusted trusted
to try tried tried
to tube tubed tubed
to tuck tucked tucked
to tumble tumbled tumbled
to tumefy tumefied tumefied
to tun tuned tuned
to tune tuned tuned
to turf turfed turfed
to turn turned turned
to twinkle twinkled twinkled
to twist twisted twisted
to twitch twitched twitched
to type typed typed
to tyrannize tyrannized tyrannized

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