English Verbs Starting with T

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to tabulate tabulated tabulated
to tack tacked tacked
to tackle tackled tackled
to tag tagged tagged
to tail tailed tailed
to taint tainted tainted
to take took taken
to talk talked talked
to tally tallied tallied
to tame tamed tamed
to tamper tampered tampered
to tan tanned tanned
to tangle tangled tangled
to tap tapped tapped
to taper tapered tapered
to tar tarred tarred
to tariff tariffed tariffed
to tarnish tarnished tarnished
to taste tasted tasted
to tattoo tattooed tattooed
to taunt taunted taunted
to tax taxed taxed
to teach taught taught
to team teamed teamed
to tear tore torn
to tease teased teased
to teem teemed teemed
to telegraph telegraphed telegraphed
to telephone telephoned telephoned
to televize televized televized
to tell told told
to temper tempered tempered
to temporize temporized temporized
to tempt tempted tempted
to tend tended tended
to tender tendered tendered
to term termed termed
to terminate terminated terminated
to terrify terrified terrified
to terrorize terrorized terrorized
to test tested tested
to testify testified testified
to tetanize tetanized tetanized
to text texted texted
to thank thanked thanked
to thatch thatched thatched
to thaw thawed thawed
to theorize theorized theorized
to thicken thickened thickened
to thin thined thined
to think thought thought
to thrash thrashed thrashed
to thread threaded threaded
to threat threated threated
to threaten threatened threatened
to thrill thrilled thrilled
to thrive throve (e) / thrived (u) thriven (e) / thrived (u)
to throb throbbed throbbed
to throttle throttled throttled
to throw threw thrown
to thrum thrumed thrumed
to thrust thrust thrust
to thumb thumbed thumbed
to thunder thundered thundered
to thwart thwarted thwarted
to tick ticked ticked
to tickle tickled tickled
to tide tided tided
to tidy tidied tidied
to tie tied tied
to tighten tightened tightened
to tile tiled tiled
to tilt tilted tilted
to timber timbered timbered
to time timed timed
to tinge tinged tinged
to tinkle tinkled tinkled
to tint tinted tinted
to tip tipped tipped
to tipple tippled tippled
to tire tired tired
to toast toasted toasted
to toboggan tobogganed tobogganed
to toddle toddled toddled
to tolerate tolerated tolerated
to toll tolled tolled
to tone toned toned
to tool tooled tooled
to top topped topped
to topple toppled toppled
to torment tormented tormented
to torpedo torpedoed torpedoed
to torture tortured tortured
to toss tossed tossed
to total totalled / totalled totalled
to totter tottered tottered
to touch touched touched
to toughen toughened toughened
to tousle tousled tousled
to tow towed towed

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