Top Irregular English Verbs

Many of the most important verbs in English are irregular in the simple past and past participle forms. Irregular verbs don't follow a set pattern so they have to be learnt individually. The list below shows the most common irregular verbs, with the simple past and participle for each. Click on the verb name to see full conjugation tables.

Irregular forms are in red.

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to run ran run
to hold held held
to bring brought brought
to write wrote written
to sit sat sat
to stand stood stood
to lose lost lost
to pay paid paid
to meet met met
to set set set
to learn learnt / learned learnt / learned
to lead led led
to understand understood understood
to speak spoke spoken
to read read read
to spend spent spent
to grow grew grown
to win won won
to buy bought bought
to send sent sent
to build built built
to fall fell fallen
to cut cut cut
to sell sold sold
to drive drove driven

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