50 Most Common German Verbs

This is a good place for beginners to find the most useful German verbs to learn. The list is based on frequency of use across fiction, non-fiction and spoken German.

Irregular verbs are shown in red.

Click on the icon next to the verb to hear the pronunciation.

# German English
1 sein to be
2 haben to have
3 werden to become, get
4 können to be able to, can
5 müssen to have to, must
6 sagen to say
7 machen to do, make
8 geben to give
9 kommen to come
10 sollen should, ought to
11 wollen to want to
12 gehen to go
13 wissen to know
14 sehen to see
15 lassen to let, allow, have done
16 stehen to stand
17 finden to find
18 bleiben to stay, remain
19 liegen to lie
20 heißen to be called
21 denken to think
22 nehmen to take
23 tun to do
24 dürfen to be allowed, may
25 glauben to believe
26 halten to stop, hold
27 nennen to name, call
28 mögen to like
29 zeigen to show
30 führen to lead
31 sprechen to speak
32 bringen to bring, take
33 leben to live
34 fahren to drive, ride, go
35 meinen to think, have an opinion
36 fragen to ask
37 kennen to know
38 gelten to be valid
39 stellen to place, set
40 spielen to play
41 arbeiten to work
42 brauchen to need
43 folgen to follow
44 lernen to learn
45 bestehen to exist, insist, pass (an exam)
46 verstehen to understand
47 setzen to set, place, put
48 bekommen to get, receive
49 beginnen to begin
50 erzählen to tell