French - Personality

Nouns in red are feminine, nouns in blue are masculine.

English French
weird bizarre
ambitious ambitieux
annoying ennuyant
bad tempered de mauvaise humeur
brave brave
carefree insouciant
careless négligent
cautious prudent
conventional conventionnel
cowardly lâche
crazy fou
cruel cruel
charming charmant
cheerful joyeux
boring ennuyant
friendly amical
generous généreux
hard working travailleur
honest honnête
kind gentil
laid back décontracté
lazy feignant
loyal loyal
mean méchant
modest modeste
moody lunatique
naive naïve
naughty (children) vilain
polite poli
proud fier
selfish égoïste
sensible sensible
sensitive susceptible
shy timide
strict strict
stubborn têtu
sympathetic sympatique
talkative bavard

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