French - Adjectives 1

Nouns in red are feminine, nouns in blue are masculine.

English French
big gros
small, little petit
fast rapide
slow lent
hard dur
soft mou
thick épais
thin fin
full plein
empty vide
noisy bruyant
loud fort
quiet calme
heavy lourd
light léger
good bien
bad mal
expensive cher
cheap pas cher
beautiful beau
good looking beau
ugly moche
easy facile
difficult difficile
clear clair
hot chaud
cold froid
dark foncé
dirty sale
clean propre
dry sec
interesting intéressant
boring ennuyeux
long long
short court
narrow étroit
wide large
new nouveau
old vieu
rich riche
poor pauvre
strong fort
weak faible
stupid stupide
tall grand
young jeune

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