French Verbs Starting with P

Irregular verb forms

No. Verb English
1 pacager to pasture, to graze Conjugate
2 pacifier to pacify Conjugate
3 pactiser to compound, to compromise Conjugate
4 pagayer to paddle Conjugate
5 paillarder to live lewdly, to laugh Conjugate
6 pailleter to spangle, to flake Conjugate
7 paître to feed (animals) Conjugate
8 palabrer to palaver Conjugate
9 pâlir to grow pale Conjugate
10 palisser to nail up, to train (branches) Conjugate
11 pallier to palliate Conjugate
12 palper to feel, to finger, to receive (money) Conjugate
13 palpiter to flutter, to throb, to thrill Conjugate
14 pâmer to swoon Conjugate
15 paner to coat with crumbs Conjugate
16 panneauter to panel Conjugate
17 panser to groom, to dress (wound) Conjugate
18 panteler to pant Conjugate
19 pantoufler to leave the Civil Service for private business Conjugate
20 papillonner to flit about Conjugate
21 papoter to gossip Conjugate
22 parachever to complete Conjugate
23 parachuter to parachute Conjugate
24 parader to parade, to show off Conjugate
25 paraître to appear, to come out, to seem, to look Conjugate