French Verbs Starting with M

Irregular verb forms

No. Verb English
1 macérer to steep, to macerate Conjugate
2 mâcher to chew, to mince words Conjugate
3 machiner to contrive, to plot Conjugate
4 mâchonner to munch, to mumble Conjugate
5 mâchouiller to chew Conjugate
6 mâchurer to bruise, to soil Conjugate
7 maçonner to build Conjugate
8 maculer to stain Conjugate
9 madrigaliser to make pretty speeches, to pay compliments Conjugate
10 magnétiser to magnetize Conjugate
11 magnifier to magnify Conjugate
12 maigrir to lose weight Conjugate
13 maintenir to maintain, to keep up Conjugate
14 maîtriser to control, to master Conjugate
15 majorer to increase Conjugate
16 malaxer to knead Conjugate
17 malmener to manhandle Conjugate
18 malter to malt Conjugate
19 maltraiter to illtreat Conjugate
20 mandater to commission Conjugate
21 mander to instruct, to summon Conjugate
22 manger to eat Conjugate
23 manier to handle Conjugate
24 manifester to show, to demonstrate Conjugate
25 manigancer to scheme Conjugate