French Verbs Starting with J

Irregular verb forms

No. Verb English
1 jaboter to jabber Conjugate
2 jacasser to chatter Conjugate
3 jaillir to spring (from) Conjugate
4 jalonner to mark off Conjugate
5 jalouser to be jealous of Conjugate
6 japper to yap Conjugate
7 jardiner to garden Conjugate
8 jargonner to utter jargon Conjugate
9 jaser to prattle Conjugate
10 jaspiner to chat (fam.) Conjugate
11 jauger to gauge Conjugate
12 jaunir to yellow, to fade Conjugate
13 jeter to throw, to plunge Conjugate
14 jeûner to fast Conjugate
15 jobarder to dupe Conjugate
16 joindre to join, to link, to enclose Conjugate
17 jointoyer to joint Conjugate
18 joncher to strew Conjugate
19 jongler to juggle Conjugate
20 jouer to play, to act, to gamble Conjugate
21 jouir to enjoy Conjugate
22 jouter to joust Conjugate
23 jouxter to adjoin Conjugate
24 jubiler to jubilate Conjugate
25 jucher to perch Conjugate