French Verbs Starting with H

Irregular verb forms

No. Verb English
1 habiliter to enable Conjugate
2 habiller to dress Conjugate
3 habiter to live, to occupy, to inhabit Conjugate
4 habituer to accustom Conjugate
5 hacher to chop, to mince Conjugate
6 hachurer to hatch Conjugate
7 haïr to hate Conjugate
8 haler to tow, to pull, to haul Conjugate
9 hâler to turn brown, to tan Conjugate
10 haleter to gasp, to pant Conjugate
11 halluciner to hallucinate Conjugate
12 handicaper to handicap Conjugate
13 hanter to haunt Conjugate
14 happer to snap Conjugate
15 haranguer to harangue, to lecture Conjugate
16 harasser to harass, to tire Conjugate
17 harceler to harry, to torment Conjugate
18 harmoniser to harmonize (with) Conjugate
19 harnacher to harness Conjugate
20 harponner to harpoon, to clutch Conjugate
21 hasarder to risk, to venture Conjugate
22 hâter to hasten, to hurry Conjugate
23 hausser to raise, to heighten Conjugate
24 haver to undercut Conjugate
25 héberger to lodge, to entertain (somebody) Conjugate