French Verbs Starting with G

Irregular verb forms

No. Verb English
1 gâcher to spoil, to squander, to mix Conjugate
2 gaffer to blunder Conjugate
3 gager to wager, to bet Conjugate
4 gagner to win, to gain, to earn Conjugate
5 gainer to sheath, to cover Conjugate
6 galéjer to spin a yarn, to joke Conjugate
7 galonner to trim with braid Conjugate
8 galoper to gallop Conjugate
9 galvaniser to galvanize, to give new life to Conjugate
10 galvauder to botch, to loaf about (fam.) Conjugate
11 gambader to caper Conjugate
12 gamberger to think (fam.) Conjugate
13 gambiller to skip about Conjugate
14 gaminer to be playful Conjugate
15 gangrener to gangrene Conjugate
16 ganser to braid Conjugate
17 ganter to glove Conjugate
18 garantir to guarantee, to warrant, to protect Conjugate
19 garder to keep, to look after, to guard Conjugate
20 garer to park (car) Conjugate
21 gargouiller to gurgle Conjugate
22 garnir to fit out, to fill, to garnish Conjugate
23 garrotter to pinion, to garotte Conjugate
24 gaspiller to waste, to squander Conjugate
25 gâter to spoil, to go bad Conjugate