French Verbs Starting with F

Irregular verb forms

No. Verb English
1 fabriquer to make, to forge, to manufacture, to fabricate Conjugate
2 fabuler to fabricate (stories) Conjugate
3 fâcher to make angry, to anger Conjugate
4 faciliter to facilitate, to make easier Conjugate
5 façonner to shape Conjugate
6 faiblir to weaken, to fail, to flag Conjugate
7 faillir to fall (to) Conjugate
8 fainéanter to loaf about Conjugate
9 faire to do, to make Conjugate
10 falloir to have to Conjugate
11 falsifier to falsify Conjugate
12 familiariser to get used to, to familiarise Conjugate
13 fanatiser to rouse to fanatacism Conjugate
14 faner to make hay, to fade Conjugate
15 fanfaronner to brag (about) Conjugate
16 fanfrelucher to frill Conjugate
17 farcir to stuff (with), to cream (with) Conjugate
18 farder to disguise, to mask Conjugate
19 farfouiller to rummage about Conjugate
20 fasciner to fascinate Conjugate
21 fatiguer to tire, to wear out Conjugate
22 faucher to reap, to mow down Conjugate
23 faufiler to tack, to baste Conjugate
24 fausser to distort, to warp, to strain Conjugate
25 fauter to sin Conjugate