French Verbs Starting with E

Irregular verb forms

No. Verb English
1 effacer to efface, to erase, to outshine Conjugate
2 effarer to frighten Conjugate
3 effaroucher to frighten away Conjugate
4 effectuer to carry out Conjugate
5 efféminer to render effeminate Conjugate
6 effeuiller to thin out (leaves) Conjugate
7 effiler to taper, to sharpen, to streamline Conjugate
8 effilocher to fray Conjugate
9 efflanquer to emaciate Conjugate
10 effleurer to touch lightly, to brush Conjugate
11 effondrer to plough up Conjugate
12 effranger to fringe Conjugate
13 effrayer to scare, to frighten Conjugate
14 effriter to crumble away Conjugate
15 emballer to wrap up Conjugate
16 embarbouiller to trouble the mind Conjugate
17 embarquer to embark, to board Conjugate
18 embarrasser to embarrass, to encumber, to hamper, to inconvenience Conjugate
19 embastiller to imprison Conjugate
20 embaucher to hire (staff) Conjugate
21 embaumer to embalm, to be fragrant Conjugate
22 embellir to embellish Conjugate
23 emberlificoter to bamboozle Conjugate
24 embêter to bother, to worry, to pester Conjugate
25 emblaver to sow Conjugate