Top RE French Verbs

This is a list of the most common RE verbs in French.

Irregular verbs are in red

No. Verb English
1 être to be Conjugate
2 faire to do, to make Conjugate
3 mettre to put, to place Conjugate
4 dire to say, to tell Conjugate
5 prendre to take, to catch, to capture Conjugate
6 rendre to return (something), to give back Conjugate
7 comprendre to understand, to include, to comprehend Conjugate
8 suivre to follow, to pay attention Conjugate
9 connaître to know, to be acquainted with Conjugate
10 croire to believe (in) Conjugate
11 entendre to hear, to understand Conjugate
12 attendre to wait, to expect Conjugate
13 remettre to put back (on), to replace, to deliver Conjugate
14 permettre to permit, to allow, to enable Conjugate
15 répondre to answer, to reply Conjugate
16 vivre to live Conjugate
17 reconnaître to recognize, to acknowledge Conjugate
18 perdre to lose, to waste Conjugate
19 lire to read Conjugate
20 reprendre to resume, to recover, to take back Conjugate
21 apprendre to learn, to teach, to hear of Conjugate
22 atteindre to reach, to attain, to achieve Conjugate
23 produire to produce Conjugate
24 écrire to write Conjugate
25 défendre to defend, to stand up for, to forbid Conjugate