Top IR French Verbs

This is a list of the most common IR verbs in French.

Irregular verbs are in red

No. Verb English
1 avoir to have Conjugate
2 pouvoir to be able (can) Conjugate
3 devoir to have to , must, to owe Conjugate
4 vouloir to want, to wish Conjugate
5 savoir to know Conjugate
6 falloir to have to Conjugate
7 voir to see Conjugate
8 venir to come Conjugate
9 tenir to hold, to keep Conjugate
10 devenir to become, to grow (into), to turn (into) Conjugate
11 partir to leave, to depart, to proceed Conjugate
12 servir to serve Conjugate
13 revenir to return, to come back Conjugate
14 recevoir to receive, to welcome Conjugate
15 agir to act Conjugate
16 choisir to choose, to select Conjugate
17 ouvrir to open (up) Conjugate
18 réussir to succeed Conjugate
19 sortir to go out, to leave, to exit, to come out Conjugate
20 appartenir to belong, to concern Conjugate
21 obtenir to obtain, to get Conjugate