English Verbs Starting with W

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to wad wadded wadded
to wade waded waded
to wade waded waded
to wade waded waded
to wag wagged wagged
to wager wagered wagered
to wait waited waited
to wake waked / woke waked / woken
to walk walked walked
to wall walled walled
to wallow wallowed wallowed
to waltz waltzed waltzed
to wander wandered wandered
to wane waned waned
to want wanted wanted
to warble warbled warbled
to warm warmed warmed
to warn warned warned
to warp warped warped
to warrant warranted warranted
to wash washed washed
to waste wasted wasted
to waste wasted wasted
to watch watched watched
to water watered watered
to wave waved waved
to waver wavered wavered
to wax waxed waxed
to weaken weakened weakened
to wean weaned weaned
to wear wore worn
to weary wearied wearied
to weather weathered weathered
to weave wove woven
to wed wed / wed (u) wed / wed (u)
to wedge wedged wedged
to weed weeded weeded
to weep wept wept
to weigh weighed weighed
to weird weirded weirded
to welcome welcomed welcomed
to weld welded welded
to well welled welled
to westernize westernized westernized
to wet wetted / wet wetted / wet
to wheedle wheedled wheedled
to wheel wheeled wheeled
to whelp whelped whelped
to while whiled whiled
to whimper whimpered whimpered
to whine whined whined
to whip whipped whipped
to whir whirred whirred
to whirl whirled whirled
to whisk whisked whisked
to whisper whispered whispered
to whistle whistled whistled
to white whited whited
to whitewash whitewashed whitewashed
to widen widened widened
to wig wigged wigged
to wiggle wiggled wiggled
to wiggle wiggled wiggled
to wilt wilted wilted
to win won won
to wince winced winced
to wind wound wound
to wink winked winked
to winter wintered wintered
to wipe wiped wiped
to wire wired wired
to wiredraw wiredrawed wiredrawed
to wish wished wished
to withdraw withdrew withdrawn
to wither withered withered
to witness witnessed witnessed
to wobble wobbled wobbled
to wonder wondered wondered
to woo wooed wooed
to word worded worded
to work worked worked
to worry worried worried
to worsen worsened worsened
to worship worshipped worshipped
to wound wounded wounded
to wrangle wrangled wrangled
to wrap wrapt / wrapped wrapt / wrapped
to wreck wrecked wrecked
to wrestle wrestled wrestled
to wriggle wriggled wriggled
to wring wrung wrung
to wrinkle wrinkled wrinkled
to write wrote written
to wrong wronged wronged

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