English Verbs Starting with V

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to vacate vacated vacated
to vaccinate vaccinated vaccinated
to validate validated validated
to value valued valued
to vamp vamped vamped
to variegate variegated variegated
to varnish varnished varnished
to vary varied varied
to vaticinate vaticinated vaticinated
to vault vaulted vaulted
to vegetate vegetated vegetated
to veil veiled veiled
to vein veined veined
to veneer veneered veneered
to venerate venerated venerated
to ventilate ventilated ventilated
to venture ventured ventured
to verify verified verified
to vermilion vermilioned vermilioned
to versify versified versified
to veto vetoed vetoed
to vex vexed vexed
to vibrate vibrated vibrated
to victimize victimized victimized
to view viewed viewed
to vindicate vindicated vindicated
to violate violated violated
to visit visited visited
to visualize visualized visualized
to visualize visualized visualized
to vitrify vitrified vitrified
to vitriolize vitriolized vitriolized
to vocalize vocalized vocalized
to vociferate vociferated vociferated
to voice voiced voiced
to volatilize volatilized volatilized
to vomit vomited vomited
to vote voted voted
to vow vowed vowed
to vulcanize vulcanized vulcanized
to vulgarize vulgarized vulgarized

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