English Verbs Starting with U

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to ulcerate ulcerated ulcerated
to unbar unbarred unbarred
to unbind unbinded unbinded
to unbolt unbolted unbolted
to unbox unboxed unboxed
to unbraid unbraided unbraided
to unbridle unbridled unbridled
to unbuckle unbuckled unbuckled
to unbutton unbuttoned unbuttoned
to uncork uncorked uncorked
to uncouple uncoupled uncoupled
to uncover uncovered uncovered
to uncurl uncurled uncurled
to undeceive undeceived undeceived
to undercut undercut undercut
to underestimate underestimated underestimated
to undergo underwent undergone
to underline underlined underlined
to undermine undermined undermined
to underrate underrated underrated
to undersell undersold undersold
to understand understood understood
to understudy understudied understudied
to undertake undertook undertaken
to undervalue undervalued undervalued
to underwrite underwrote underwritten
to undo undid undone
to undress undressed undressed
to undulate undulated undulated
to unearth unearthed unearthed
to unfasten unfastened unfastened
to unfetter unfettered unfettered
to unfold unfolded unfolded
to unharness unharnessed unharnessed
to unhinge unhinged unhinged
to unhook unhooked unhooked
to unify unified unified
to unionize unionized unionized
to unite united united
to universalize universalized universalized
to unlace unlaced unlaced
to unlearn unlearned unlearned
to unleash unleashed unleashed
to unload unloaded unloaded
to unmask unmasked unmasked
to unmuzzle unmuzzled unmuzzled
to unnail unnailed unnailed
to unnerve unnerved unnerved
to unpack unpacked unpacked
to unpick unpicked unpicked
to unpleat unpleated unpleated
to unplug unplugged unplugged
to unravel unravelled / unravelled unravelled
to unroll unrolled unrolled
to unsaddle unsaddled unsaddled
to unscrew unscrewed unscrewed
to unseal unsealed unsealed
to unseat unseated unseated
to unshackle unshackled unshackled
to unsolder unsoldered unsoldered
to unstick unstuck unstuck
to unstitch unstitched unstitched
to unswaddle unswaddled unswaddled
to untangle untangled untangled
to unthread unthreaded unthreaded
to untie untied untied
to untwist untwisted untwisted
to unveil unveiled unveiled
to unwind unwound unwound
to upholster upholstered upholstered
to uproot uprooted uprooted
to upset upset upset
to urbanize urbanized urbanized
to urge urged urged
to urinate urinated urinated
to use used used
to usher ushered ushered
to usurp usurped usurped
to utilize utilized utilized
to utter uttered uttered

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