English Verbs Starting with R

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to race raced raced
to rack racked racked
to radiate radiated radiated
to radicalize radicalized radicalized
to rage raged raged
to raid raided raided
to rail railed railed
to rain rained rained
to raise raised raised
to rake raked raked
to ramble rambled rambled
to ramify ramified ramified
to ramp ramped ramped
to ransack ransacked ransacked
to rap rapped rapped
to rape raped raped
to rarefy rarefied rarefied
to rat ratted ratted
to rate rated rated
to ratify ratified ratified
to ration rationed rationed
to rationalize rationalized rationalized
to rattle rattled rattled
to ravage ravaged ravaged
to rave raved raved
to ravish ravished ravished
to reabsorb reabsorbed reabsorbed
to reach reached reached
to react reacted reacted
to read read read
to readjust readjusted readjusted
to readmit readmitted readmitted
to reaffirm reaffirmed reaffirmed
to realize realized realized
to reanimate reanimated reanimated
to reap reaped reaped
to reappear reappeared reappeared
to reapply reapplied reapplied
to rear reared reared
to reascend reascended reascended
to reason reasoned reasoned
to reassemble reassembled reassembled
to reassume reassumed reassumed
to reassure reassured reassured
to rebaptize rebaptized rebaptized
to rebel rebelled / rebelled rebelled
to rebound rebounded rebounded
to rebuff rebuffed rebuffed
to rebuild rebuilt rebuilt
to rebuke rebuked rebuked
to recall recalled recalled
to recap recapped recapped
to recapitulate recapitulated recapitulated
to recapture recaptured recaptured
to recast recast / recasted recast / recasted
to recede receded receded
to receive received received
to recharge recharged recharged
to recite recited recited
to reckon reckoned reckoned
to reclaim reclaimed reclaimed
to recline reclined reclined
to recognize recognized recognized
to recollect recollected recollected
to recommence recommenced recommenced
to recommend recommended recommended
to recompose recomposed recomposed
to reconcile reconciled reconciled
to reconfirm reconfirmed reconfirmed
to reconquer reconquered reconquered
to reconsider reconsidered reconsidered
to reconsolidate reconsolidated reconsolidated
to reconvert reconverted reconverted
to record recorded recorded
to recount recounted recounted
to recover recovered recovered
to recreate recreated recreated
to recriminate recriminated recriminated
to recross recrossed recrossed
to recruit recruited recruited
to rectify rectified rectified
to recuperate recuperated recuperated
to recur recurred / recurred recurred
to recut recut recut
to recycle recycled recycled
to redden reddened reddened
to redeem redeemed redeemed
to rediscover rediscovered rediscovered
to redistribute redistributed redistributed
to redo redid redone
to redouble redoubled redoubled
to redound redounded redounded
to redraw redrew redrawn
to reduce reduced reduced
to reek reeked reeked
to reel reeled reeled
to reembark reembarked reembarked
to reemerge reemerged reemerged
to reengage reengaged reengaged
to reenlist reenlisted reenlisted

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