English Verbs Starting with P

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to pace paced paced
to pacify pacified pacified
to pack packed packed
to pact pacted pacted
to pad padded padded
to paddle paddled paddled
to padlock padlocked padlocked
to pain pained pained
to paint painted painted
to pair paired paired
to palaver palavered palavered
to palliate palliated palliated
to palm palmed palmed
to pamper pampered pampered
to pan panned panned
to panel panelled / panelled panelled
to pant panted panted
to paper papered papered
to parade paraded paraded
to paralyse paralysed paralysed
to paralyze paralyzed paralyzed
to paraphrase paraphrased paraphrased
to pardon pardoned pardoned
to pare pared pared
to park parked parked
to parley parleyed parleyed
to parody parodied parodied
to part parted parted
to participate participated participated
to particularize particularized particularized
to partition partitioned partitioned
to pass passed passed
to paste pasted pasted
to pasteurize pasteurized pasteurized
to pasture pastured pastured
to pat patted patted
to patch patched patched
to patent patented patented
to patrol patrolled patrolled
to patronize patronized patronized
to patter pattered pattered
to pause paused paused
to pave paved paved
to paw pawed pawed
to pay paid paid
to pearl pearled pearled
to peck pecked pecked
to pedal pedalled / pedalled pedalled
to peddle peddled peddled
to peek peeked peeked
to peel peeled peeled
to peep peeped peeped
to peg pegged pegged
to pen penned penned
to penalize penalized penalized
to pencil pencilled pencilled
to penetrate penetrated penetrated
to pension pensioned pensioned
to people peopled peopled
to pepper peppered peppered
to perceive perceived perceived
to perch perched perched
to percolate percolated percolated
to peregrinate peregrinated peregrinated
to perfect perfected perfected
to perforate perforated perforated
to perform performed performed
to perfume perfumed perfumed
to perish perished perished
to perk perked perked
to permeate permeated permeated
to permit permitted permitted
to perpetrate perpetrated perpetrated
to perpetuate perpetuated perpetuated
to persecute persecuted persecuted
to persevere persevered persevered
to persist persisted persisted
to personalize personalized personalized
to personify personified personified
to perspire perspired perspired
to persuade persuaded persuaded
to pertain pertained pertained
to perturb perturbed perturbed
to peruse perused perused
to pervade pervaded pervaded
to pervert perverted perverted
to pester pestered pestered
to pet petted petted
to peter petered petered
to petition petitioned petitioned
to petrify petrified petrified
to philosophize philosophized philosophized
to phone phoned phoned
to phosphorate phosphorated phosphorated
to photograph photographed photographed
to phrase phrased phrased
to pick picked picked
to picket picketed picketed
to picture pictured pictured
to pierce pierced pierced

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