English Verbs Starting with O

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to obey obeyed obeyed
to object objected objected
to objectify objectified objectified
to oblige obliged obliged
to obliterate obliterated obliterated
to obscure obscured obscured
to observe observed observed
to obsess obsessed obsessed
to obstruct obstructed obstructed
to obtain obtained obtained
to occlude occluded occluded
to occupy occupied occupied
to occur occurred occurred
to offend offended offended
to offer offered offered
to officiate officiated officiated
to ogle ogled ogled
to oil oiled oiled
to omit omitted omitted
to ooze oozed oozed
to open opened opened
to operate operated operated
to oppose opposed opposed
to oppress oppressed oppressed
to order ordered ordered
to organize organized organized
to orient oriented oriented
to orientate orientated orientated
to originate originated originated
to oscillate oscillated oscillated
to ossify ossified ossified
to oust ousted ousted
to outbid outbade / outbid outbidden / outbid
to outgrow outgrew outgrown
to outlast outlasted outlasted
to outlaw outlawed outlawed
to outline outlined outlined
to outshine outshone / outshined outshone / outshined
to outwit outwitted outwitted
to overact overacted overacted
to overbid overbade / overbid overbidden / overbid
to overburden overburdened overburdened
to overcast overcast / overcasted overcast / overcasted
to overcloud overclouded overclouded
to overcome overcame overcome
to overdo overdid overdone
to overdraw overdrew overdrawn
to overestimate overestimated overestimated
to overexcite overexcited overexcited
to overfeed overfed overfed
to overflow overflowed overflowed
to overhang overhanged / overhung overhanged / overhung
to overheat overheated overheated
to overlap overlapped overlapped
to overpower overpowered overpowered
to overrun overran overrun
to oversaturate oversaturated oversaturated
to oversee oversaw overseen
to overshadow overshadowed overshadowed
to overtake overtook overtaken
to overthrow overthrew overthrown
to overturn overturned overturned
to overvalue overvalued overvalued
to overwhelm overwhelmed overwhelmed
to overwork overworked overworked
to owe owed owed
to own owned owned
to oxidize oxidized oxidized
to oxygenate oxygenated oxygenated

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