English Verbs Starting with N

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to nab nabbed nabbed
to nag nagged nagged
to nail nailed nailed
to name named named
to narrate narrated narrated
to narrow narrowed narrowed
to nasalize nasalized nasalized
to nationalize nationalized nationalized
to naturalize naturalized naturalized
to nauseate nauseated nauseated
to navigate navigated navigated
to necessitate necessitated necessitated
to need needed needed
to neglect neglected neglected
to negotiate negotiated negotiated
to neigh neighed neighed
to nest nested nested
to nestle nestled nestled
to neutralize neutralized neutralized
to nibble nibbled nibbled
to nickname nicknamed nicknamed
to nip nipped nipped
to nitrify nitrified nitrified
to nod nodded nodded
to nomadize nomadized nomadized
to nominate nominated nominated
to normalize normalized normalized
to nose nosed nosed
to notch notched notched
to note noted noted
to notice noticed noticed
to notify notified notified
to nourish nourished nourished
to numb numbed numbed
to number numbered numbered
to nurse nursed nursed
to nut nutted nutted

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