English Verbs Starting with M

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to magnetize magnetized magnetized
to magnify magnified magnified
to maintain maintained maintained
to make made made
to malt malted malted
to man manned manned
to manage managed managed
to mangle mangled mangled
to manipulate manipulated manipulated
to mantle mantled mantled
to manufacture manufactured manufactured
to mar marred marred
to maraud marauded marauded
to marinate marinated marinated
to mark marked marked
to marry married married
to martyr martyred martyred
to mash mashed mashed
to mask masked masked
to massacre massacred massacred
to mast masted masted
to master mastered mastered
to masticate masticated masticated
to match matched matched
to mate mated mated
to materialize materialized materialized
to matter mattered mattered
to mature matured matured
to mean meant meant
to measure measured measured
to mechanize mechanized mechanized
to meddle meddled meddled
to mediatize mediatized mediatized
to medicate medicated medicated
to meditate meditated meditated
to meet met met
to mellow mellowed mellowed
to melt melted melted
to memorize memorized memorized
to mend mended mended
to menstruate menstruated menstruated
to mention mentioned mentioned
to merge merged merged
to mess messed messed
to metal metalled metalled
to metamorphosize metamorphosized metamorphosized
to mete meted meted
to mew mewed mewed
to migrate migrated migrated
to militarize militarized militarized
to militate militated militated
to milk milked milked
to mill milled milled
to mime mimed mimed
to mince minced minced
to mine mined mined
to mineralize mineralized mineralized
to minimize minimized minimized
to mint minted minted
to mirror mirrored mirrored
to miscarry miscarried miscarried
to misdirect misdirected misdirected
to misinterpret misinterpreted misinterpreted
to misjudge misjudged misjudged
to mislay mislaid mislaid
to mislead misled misled
to misplace misplaced misplaced
to misrepresent misrepresented misrepresented
to miss missed missed
to mistake mistook mistaken
to mistreat mistreated mistreated
to mistrust mistrusted mistrusted
to misuse misused misused
to mitigate mitigated mitigated
to mix mixed mixed
to moan moaned moaned
to mob mobbed mobbed
to mobilize mobilized mobilized
to mock mocked mocked
to model modelled / modelled modelled
to moderate moderated moderated
to modernize modernized modernized
to modify modified modified
to modulate modulated modulated
to moisten moistened moistened
to molest molested molested
to mollify mollified mollified
to monkey monkeyed monkeyed
to monopolize monopolized monopolized
to moo mooed mooed
to moor moored moored
to mop mopped mopped
to mope moped moped
to mope moped moped
to moralize moralized moralized
to mortgage mortgaged mortgaged
to mortify mortified mortified
to mortise mortised mortised
to mortise mortised mortised
to motorize motorized motorized

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