English Verbs Starting with L

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to label labelled / labelled labelled
to lace laced laced
to lacerate lacerated lacerated
to lack lacked lacked
to lacquer lacquered lacquered
to lag lagged lagged
to lamb lambed lambed
to lament lamented lamented
to laminate laminated laminated
to lampoon lampooned lampooned
to land landed landed
to languish languished languished
to lap lapped lapped
to lard larded larded
to lark larked larked
to lash lashed lashed
to last lasted lasted
to latch latched latched
to lath lathed lathed
to lather lathered lathered
to latinize latinized latinized
to laugh laughed laughed
to launch launched launched
to lavish lavished lavished
to lay laid laid
to lead led led
to leaf leafed leafed
to leak leaked leaked
to lean leant / leaned leant / leaned
to leap leapt / leaped leapt / leaped
to learn learnt / learned learnt / learned
to lease leased leased
to leave left left
to lecture lectured lectured
to legalize legalized legalized
to legalize legalized legalized
to legislate legislated legislated
to legitimate legitimated legitimated
to legitimize legitimized legitimized
to lend lent lent
to lengthen lengthened lengthened
to lessen lessened lessened
to let let let
to level levelled / levelled levelled
to levitate levitated levitated
to levy levied levied
to libel libelled / libelled libelled
to liberalize liberalized liberalized
to liberate liberated liberated
to lick licked licked
to lie lay / lied lain / lied
to lift lifted lifted
to light lit lit
to lighten lightened lightened
to like liked liked
to limber limbered limbered
to lime limed limed
to limit limited limited
to limp limped limped
to line lined lined
to link linked linked
to liquidate liquidated liquidated
to lisp lisped lisped
to list listed listed
to listen listened listened
to litigate litigated litigated
to litigate litigated litigated
to live lived lived
to load loaded loaded
to loathe loathed loathed
to localize localized localized
to locate located located
to lock locked locked
to lodge lodged lodged
to log logged logged
to loiter loitered loitered
to loll lolled lolled
to long longed longed
to look looked looked
to loom loomed loomed
to loosen loosened loosened
to lord lorded lorded
to lose lost lost
to love loved loved
to lower lowered lowered
to lubricate lubricated lubricated
to lull lulled lulled
to lunch lunched lunched
to lure lured lured
to lust lusted lusted
to lute luted luted
to lynch lynched lynched

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