English Verbs Starting with I

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to ice iced iced
to idealize idealized idealized
to identify identified identified
to idle idled idled
to idolize idolized idolized
to ignite ignited ignited
to ignore ignored ignored
to illtreat illtreated illtreated
to illuminate illuminated illuminated
to illustrate illustrated illustrated
to imagine imagined imagined
to imitate imitated imitated
to immaterialize immaterialized immaterialized
to immerge immerged immerged
to immigrate immigrated immigrated
to immobilize immobilized immobilized
to immolate immolated immolated
to immortalize immortalized immortalized
to immunize immunized immunized
to immure immured immured
to impale impaled impaled
to impart imparted imparted
to impersonate impersonated impersonated
to implant implanted implanted
to implement implemented implemented
to implore implored implored
to imply implied implied
to import imported imported
to impose imposed imposed
to impoverish impoverished impoverished
to impregnate impregnated impregnated
to impress impressed impressed
to imprint imprinted imprinted
to imprison imprisoned imprisoned
to improve improved improved
to improvise improvised improvised
to improvise improvised improvised
to impute imputed imputed
to inaugurate inaugurated inaugurated
to incapacitate incapacitated incapacitated
to incarcerate incarcerated incarcerated
to incarnate incarnated incarnated
to incense incensed incensed
to incinerate incinerated incinerated
to incise incised incised
to incite incited incited
to incline inclined inclined
to include included included
to inconvenience inconvenienced inconvenienced
to incorporate incorporated incorporated
to increase increased increased
to incriminate incriminated incriminated
to incubate incubated incubated
to incur incurred / incurred incurred
to indemnify indemnified indemnified
to indent indented indented
to index indexed indexed
to indicate indicated indicated
to individualize individualized individualized
to indoctrinate indoctrinated indoctrinated
to induce induced induced
to industrialize industrialized industrialized
to infect infected infected
to infer inferred / inferred inferred
to infest infested infested
to infiltrate infiltrated infiltrated
to inflame inflamed inflamed
to inflate inflated inflated
to inflect inflected inflected
to inflict inflicted inflicted
to influence influenced influenced
to inform informed informed
to infringe infringed infringed
to infuriate infuriated infuriated
to infuse infused infused
to ingest ingested ingested
to ingratiate ingratiated ingratiated
to inhabit inhabited inhabited
to inhale inhaled inhaled
to inherit inherited inherited
to inhibit inhibited inhibited
to initial initialed initialed
to initiate initiated initiated
to inject injected injected
to injure injured injured
to inlay inlaid inlaid
to innervate innervated innervated
to innovate innovated innovated
to inoculate inoculated inoculated
to inquire inquired inquired
to inseminate inseminated inseminated
to insert inserted inserted
to insinuate insinuated insinuated
to insist insisted insisted
to inspect inspected inspected
to inspire inspired inspired
to install installed installed
to instigate instigated instigated
to instil instilled instilled
to instill instilled instilled

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