English Verbs Starting with H

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to hack hacked hacked
to hackle hackled hackled
to haggle haggled haggled
to hail hailed hailed
to hallucinate hallucinated hallucinated
to halt halted halted
to halve halved halved
to hammer hammered hammered
to hamper hampered hampered
to hand handed handed
to handcuff handcuffed handcuffed
to handicap handicapped handicapped
to handle handled handled
to hang hung / hanged hung / hanged
to hanker hankered hankered
to hanker hankered hankered
to happen happened happened
to harangue harangued harangued
to harass harassed harassed
to harden hardened hardened
to harden hardened hardened
to hark harked harked
to harm harmed harmed
to harmonize harmonized harmonized
to harness harnessed harnessed
to harp harped harped
to harpoon harpooned harpooned
to harrow harrowed harrowed
to harry harried harried
to harvest harvested harvested
to hash hashed hashed
to hasten hastened hastened
to hatch hatched hatched
to hate hated hated
to haul hauled hauled
to haunt haunted haunted
to have had had
to hawk hawked hawked
to head headed headed
to heal healed healed
to hear heard heard
to heat heated heated
to heighten heightened heightened
to Hellenize hellenized hellenized
to help helped helped
to hem hemmed hemmed
to hesitate hesitated hesitated
to hibernate hibernated hibernated
to hide hid hidden
to hinder hindered hindered
to hinge hinged hinged
to hire hired hired
to hiss hissed hissed
to hit hit hit
to hive hived hived
to hoard hoarded hoarded
to hoax hoaxed hoaxed
to hobble hobbled hobbled
to hobnob hobnobbed hobnobbed
to hoe hoed hoed
to hoist hoisted hoisted
to hold held held
to hole holed holed
to hollow hollowed hollowed
to homogenize homogenized homogenized
to hone honed honed
to honor honored honored
to hood hooded hooded
to hoodwink hoodwinked hoodwinked
to hook hooked hooked
to hoot hooted hooted
to hop hopped hopped
to hope hoped hoped
to horrify horrified horrified
to horse horsed horsed
to horsewhip horsewhipped horsewhipped
to hospitalize hospitalized hospitalized
to hound hounded hounded
to house housed housed
to hover hovered hovered
to howl howled howled
to huddle huddled huddled
to huff huffed huffed
to hug hugged hugged
to hum hummed hummed
to humanize humanized humanized
to humble humbled humbled
to humiliate humiliated humiliated
to hunt hunted hunted
to hurl hurled hurled
to hurry hurried hurried
to hurt hurt hurt
to husband husbanded husbanded
to hush hushed hushed
to hybridize hybridized hybridized
to hypnotize hypnotized hypnotized
to hypostasize hypostasized hypostasized

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