English Verbs Starting with G

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to gab gabbed gabbed
to gad gadded gadded
to gag gagged gagged
to gain gained gained
to gainsay gainsayed / gainsaid gainsayed / gainsaid
to gallivant gallivanted gallivanted
to gallop galloped galloped
to galvanize galvanized galvanized
to gamble gambled gambled
to gang ganged ganged
to gangrene gangrened gangrened
to garble garbled garbled
to garden gardened gardened
to gargle gargled gargled
to garland garlanded garlanded
to garner garnered garnered
to garnish garnished garnished
to garrote garroted garroted
to gash gashed gashed
to gasp gasped gasped
to gather gathered gathered
to gauge gauged gauged
to gear geared geared
to generalize generalized generalized
to generalize generalized generalized
to generate generated generated
to germinate germinated germinated
to gesticulate gesticulated gesticulated
to get got got / gotten
to ghost ghosted ghosted
to gild gilded gilded
to gin ginned ginned
to gird girded girded
to give gave given
to glaze glazed glazed
to gleam gleamed gleamed
to glean gleaned gleaned
to glimpse glimpsed glimpsed
to glisten glistened glistened
to glitter glittered glittered
to gloat gloated gloated
to globalize globalized globalized
to glorify glorified glorified
to gloss glossed glossed
to glove gloved gloved
to glow glowed glowed
to glue glued glued
to gnaw gnawed gnawed
to go went gone
to goad goaded goaded
to gobble gobbled gobbled
to gossip gossiped gossiped
to govern governed governed
to grab grabbed grabbed
to grade graded graded
to graduate graduated graduated
to graft grafted grafted
to grain grained grained
to grant granted granted
to granulate granulated granulated
to grasp grasped grasped
to grass grassed grassed
to grate grated grated
to gratify gratified gratified
to gravel gravelled / gravelled gravelled
to gravitate gravitated gravitated
to graze grazed grazed
to grease greased greased
to greet greeted greeted
to grieve grieved grieved
to grill grilled grilled
to grimace grimaced grimaced
to grind ground ground
to grip gripped gripped
to grit gritted gritted
to groan groaned groaned
to groom groomed groomed
to groove grooved grooved
to grope groped groped
to ground grounded grounded
to group grouped grouped
to grouse groused groused
to grovel grovelled / grovelled grovelled
to grow grew grown
to growl growled growled
to grumble grumbled grumbled
to grunt grunted grunted
to guarantee guaranteed guaranteed
to guard guarded guarded
to guess guessed guessed
to guest guested guested
to guide guided guided
to guillotine guillotined guillotined
to gulp gulped gulped
to gun gunned gunned
to gurgle gurgled gurgled
to gut gutted gutted
to guzzle guzzled guzzled
to gyrate gyrated gyrated

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