English Verbs Starting with F

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to fabricate fabricated fabricated
to face faced faced
to facilitate facilitated facilitated
to fade faded faded
to fail failed failed
to faint fainted fainted
to fake faked faked
to fall fell fallen
to falsify falsified falsified
to falter faltered faltered
to familiarise familiarised familiarised
to familiarize familiarized familiarized
to fan fanned fanned
to fancy fancied fancied
to farm farmed farmed
to fart farted farted
to fascinate fascinated fascinated
to fashion fashioned fashioned
to fast fasted fasted
to fasten fastened fastened
to fathom fathomed fathomed
to fatten fattened fattened
to favor favored favored
to favour favoured favoured
to fawn fawned fawned
to fear feared feared
to feast feasted feasted
to feather feathered feathered
to federate federated federated
to feed fed fed
to feel felt felt
to feign feigned feigned
to feint feinted feinted
to feminise feminised feminised
to feminize feminized feminized
to fence fenced fenced
to fend fended fended
to ferment fermented fermented
to ferret ferreted ferreted
to fertilise fertilised fertilised
to fertilize fertilized fertilized
to festoon festooned festooned
to fetch fetched fetched
to fiddle fiddled fiddled
to fidget fidgeted fidgeted
to fight fought fought
to figure figured figured
to filch filched filched
to file filed filed
to fill filled filled
to film filmed filmed
to filtch filtched filtched
to filter filtered filtered
to finance financed financed
to find found found
to fine fined fined
to finger fingered fingered
to finish finished finished
to fire fired fired
to firm firmed firmed
to fish fished fished
to fissure fissured fissured
to fit fitted fitted
to fix fixed fixed
to fizzle fizzled fizzled
to flabberghast flabberghasted flabberghasted
to flag flagged flagged
to flake flaked flaked
to flame flamed flamed
to flank flanked flanked
to flare flared flared
to flash flashed flashed
to flatten flattened flattened
to flatter flattered flattered
to flavour flavoured flavoured
to flay flayed flayed
to fleck flecked flecked
to flee fled fled
to fleece fleeced fleeced
to flesh fleshed fleshed
to flex flexed flexed
to flick flicked flicked
to flicker flickered flickered
to flinch flinched flinched
to fling flung flung
to flip flipped flipped
to flirt flirted flirted
to float floated floated
to flog flogged flogged
to flood flooded flooded
to floor floored floored
to flounce flounced flounced
to flounder floundered floundered
to flour floured floured
to flourish flourished flourished
to flout flouted flouted
to flow flowed flowed
to flower flowered flowered
to fluctuate fluctuated fluctuated
to fluidify fluidified fluidified

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