English Verbs Starting with E

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to earn earned earned
to ease eased eased
to eat ate eaten
to ebb ebbed ebbed
to echo echoed echoed
to eclipse eclipsed eclipsed
to economise economised economised
to economize economized economized
to edge edged edged
to edit edited edited
to educate educated educated
to efface effaced effaced
to effect effected effected
to egg egged egged
to ejaculate ejaculated ejaculated
to eject ejected ejected
to eke eked eked
to elaborate elaborated elaborated
to elbow elbowed elbowed
to elect elected elected
to electrify electrified electrified
to electrify electrified electrified
to electrocute electrocuted electrocuted
to elevate elevated elevated
to eliminate eliminated eliminated
to elucidate elucidated elucidated
to elude eluded eluded
to emaciate emaciated emaciated
to emanate emanated emanated
to emancipate emancipated emancipated
to emasculate emasculated emasculated
to embalm embalmed embalmed
to embark embarked embarked
to embarrass embarrassed embarrassed
to embed embeded embeded
to embellish embellished embellished
to embezzle embezzled embezzled
to embezzle embezzled embezzled
to embitter embittered embittered
to emblazon emblazoned emblazoned
to embody embodied embodied
to embolden emboldened emboldened
to emboss embossed embossed
to embrace embraced embraced
to embroider embroidered embroidered
to emerge emerged emerged
to emigrate emigrated emigrated
to emit emitted emitted
to emphasize emphasized emphasized
to employ emploied employed
to empower empowered empowered
to empty emptied emptied
to emulate emulated emulated
to emulsion emulsioned emulsioned
to enable enabled enabled
to enact enacted enacted
to enamel enamelled / enamelled enamelled
to encase encased encased
to enchant enchanted enchanted
to encircle encircled encircled
to enclave enclaved enclaved
to enclose enclosed enclosed
to encompass encompassed encompassed
to encounter encountered encountered
to encourage encouraged encouraged
to encroach encroached encroached
to encrust encrusted encrusted
to encumber encumbered encumbered
to end ended ended
to endorse endorsed endorsed
to endow endowed endowed
to endue endued endued
to endure endured endured
to enervate enervated enervated
to enfeeble enfeebled enfeebled
to enforce enforced enforced
to engage engaged engaged
to engender engendered engendered
to engrave engraved engraved
to engross engrossed engrossed
to engulf engulfed engulfed
to enhance enhanced enhanced
to enjoy enjoyed enjoyed
to enlarge enlarged enlarged
to enlighten enlightened enlightened
to enlist enlisted enlisted
to enliven enlivened enlivened
to ennoble ennobled ennobled
to enquire enquired enquired
to enrage enraged enraged
to enrapture enraptured enraptured
to enrich enriched enriched
to enrol enrolled enrolled
to enroll enrolled enrolled
to enshrine enshrined enshrined
to enslave enslaved enslaved
to ensnare ensnared ensnared
to ensue ensued ensued
to enter entered entered
to entertain entertained entertained

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