English Verbs Starting with D

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to dab dabbed dabbed
to dabble dabbled dabbled
to dam dammed dammed
to damage damaged damaged
to damascene damascened damascened
to damn damned damned
to dampen dampened dampened
to dance danced danced
to dandle dandled dandled
to dangle dangled dangled
to dare dared dared
to darken darkened darkened
to dash dashed dashed
to date dated dated
to daub daubed daubed
to dawdle dawdled dawdled
to dawn dawned dawned
to daydream daydreamed daydreamed
to dazzle dazzled dazzled
to dazzle dazzled dazzled
to deaden deadened deadened
to deafen deafened deafened
to deal dealt dealt
to debase debased debased
to debate debated debated
to debauch debauched debauched
to debilitate debilitated debilitated
to debit debited debited
to debunk debunked debunked
to decamp decamped decamped
to decant decanted decanted
to decapitate decapitated decapitated
to decay decayed decayed
to decease deceased deceased
to deceive deceived deceived
to decentralise decentralised decentralised
to decentralize decentralized decentralized
to dechristianise dechristianised dechristianised
to dechristianize dechristianized dechristianized
to decide decided decided
to decimalize decimalized decimalized
to decimate decimated decimated
to decipher deciphered deciphered
to declaim declaimed declaimed
to declare declared declared
to decline declined declined
to declutch declutched declutched
to decode decoded decoded
to decompose decomposed decomposed
to decompress decompressed decompressed
to decongest decongested decongested
to decorate decorated decorated
to decrease decreased decreased
to decree decreed decreed
to decrest decrested decrested
to decry decried decried
to dedicate dedicated dedicated
to deduce deduced deduced
to deduct deducted deducted
to deepen deepened deepened
to deepen deepened deepened
to defame defamed defamed
to defeat defeated defeated
to defecate defecated defecated
to defect defected defected
to defend defended defended
to defer deferred deferred
to define defined defined
to deflagrate deflagrated deflagrated
to deflate deflated deflated
to deflect deflected deflected
to deflower deflowered deflowered
to defoliate defoliated defoliated
to deforest deforested deforested
to deform deformed deformed
to defraud defrauded defrauded
to defray defrayed defrayed
to defreeze defreezed defreezed
to defy defied defied
to degenerate degenerated degenerated
to degrade degraded degraded
to dehorn dehorned dehorned
to dehumanise dehumanised dehumanised
to dehumanize dehumanized dehumanized
to dehydrate dehydrated dehydrated
to deify deified deified
to deign deigned deigned
to delay delayed delayed
to delegate delegated delegated
to delete deleted deleted
to deliberate deliberated deliberated
to delight delighted delighted
to delimit delimited delimited
to delineate delineated delineated
to deliver delivered delivered
to delouse deloused deloused
to delude deluded deluded
to delve delved delved
to demagnetise demagnetised demagnetised
to demagnetize demagnetized demagnetized

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