English Verbs Starting with C

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to cable cabled cabled
to cackle cackled cackled
to cadge cadged cadged
to cage caged caged
to cajole cajoled cajoled
to calcify calcified calcified
to calcify calcified calcified
to calculate calculated calculated
to calibrate calibrated calibrated
to call called called
to calligraph calligraphed calligraphed
to calm calmed calmed
to calve calved calved
to camber cambered cambered
to camouflage camouflaged camouflaged
to camp camped camped
to cancel cancelled cancelled
to cane caned caned
to cannonade cannonaded cannonaded
to canonise canonised canonised
to canonize canonized canonized
to canvass canvassed canvassed
to cap capped capped
to caparison caparisoned caparisoned
to caper capered capered
to capitalise capitalised capitalised
to capitalize capitalized capitalized
to capitulate capitulated capitulated
to capsize capsized capsized
to captivate captivated captivated
to capture captured captured
to carbonise carbonised carbonised
to carbonize carbonized carbonized
to carburet carbureted carbureted
to card carded carded
to care cared cared
to careen careened careened
to caress caressed caressed
to caricature caricatured caricatured
to carry carried carried
to cart carted carted
to carve carved carved
to cascade cascaded cascaded
to case cased cased
to cash cashed cashed
to cast cast cast
to castrate castrated castrated
to catalyse catalysed catalysed
to catch caught caught
to categorise categorised categorised
to categorize categorized categorized
to cater catered catered
to caulk caulked caulked
to cause caused caused
to cauterise cauterised cauterised
to cauterize cauterized cauterized
to cave caved caved
to caw cawed cawed
to cease ceased ceased
to ceil ceiled ceiled
to celebrate celebrated celebrated
to cement cemented cemented
to censor censored censored
to censure censured censured
to centralise centralised centralised
to centralize centralized centralized
to centre centred centred
to centuplicate centuplicated centuplicated
to certify certified certified
to chalk chalked chalked
to challenge challenged challenged
to chance chanced chanced
to change changed changed
to channel channelled / channelled channelled
to chant chanted chanted
to chap chapped chapped
to chaperone chaperoned chaperoned
to char charred charred
to characterise characterised characterised
to characterize characterized characterized
to characterize characterized characterized
to charge charged charged
to charm charmed charmed
to charter chartered chartered
to chase chased chased
to chastise chastised chastised
to chastise chastised chastised
to chat chatted chatted
to chatter chattered chattered
to cheapen cheapened cheapened
to cheat cheated cheated
to check checked checked
to cheep cheeped cheeped
to cheer cheered cheered
to cherish cherished cherished
to chew chewed chewed
to chide chid (e) / chided (u)
to chill chilled chilled
to chime chimed chimed
to chip chipped chipped

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