English Verbs Starting with B

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to babble babbled babbled
to back backed backed
to backfire backfired backfired
to backslide backslid backslid / backslidden
to bag bagged bagged
to bail bailed bailed
to bait baited baited
to bake baked baked
to balance balanced balanced
to ball balled balled
to ballast ballasted ballasted
to bamboozle bamboozled bamboozled
to ban banned banned
to bandage bandaged bandaged
to bang banged banged
to banish banished banished
to bank banked banked
to banter bantered bantered
to baptise baptised baptised
to baptize baptized baptized
to baptize baptized baptized
to bar barred barred
to bard barded barded
to bargain bargained bargained
to bark barked barked
to barrack barracked barracked
to barricade barricaded barricaded
to barrow barrowed barrowed
to barter bartered bartered
to base based based
to bash bashed bashed
to bask basked basked
to baste basted basted
to bat batted batted
to bathe bathed bathed
to batter battered battered
to battle battled battled
to bawl bawled bawled
to be were been
to bead beaded beaded
to beam beamed beamed
to bear bore born / borne
to beat beat beaten
to beatify beatified beatified
to become became become
to bed bedded bedded
to bedeck bedecked bedecked
to bedevil bedevilled bedevilled
to beg begged begged
to beget begot begot / begotten (u)
to begin began begun
to behave behaved behaved
to behave behaved behaved
to behead beheaded beheaded
to bejewel bejeweled bejeweled
to belch belched belched
to believe believed believed
to belittle belittled belittled
to bellow bellowed bellowed
to belong belonged belonged
to belt belted belted
to bemuse bemused bemused
to bend bent bent
to benumb benumbed benumbed
to bequeath bequeathed bequeathed
to bereave bereaved bereaved
to berth berthed berthed
to beseech besought besought
to besiege besieged besieged
to bespangle bespangled bespangled
to bestow bestowed bestowed
to bet bet bet
to betray betrayed betrayed
to betroth betrothed betrothed
to better bettered bettered
to bevel bevelled / bevelled bevelled
to bewilder bewildered bewildered
to bewitch bewitched bewitched
to bicker bickered bickered
to bid bid bid
to bind bound bound
to bisect bisected bisected
to bite bit bitten
to bivouac bivouacked bivouacked
to blab blabbed blabbed
to black blacked blacked
to blacken blackened blackened
to blackmail blackmailed blackmailed
to blame blamed blamed
to blanch blanched blanched
to blank blanked blanked
to blare blared blared
to blaspheme blasphemed blasphemed
to blast blasted blasted
to blaze blazed blazed
to blazon blazoned blazoned
to bleach bleached bleached
to bleat bleated bleated
to bleed bled bled
to blemish blemished blemished

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