English Verbs Starting with A

Irregular verb forms

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to abandon abandoned abandoned
to abase abased abased
to abbreviate abbreviated abbreviated
to abdicate abdicated abdicated
to aberrate aberrated aberrated
to abet abetted abetted
to abhor abhorred abhorred
to abide abode / abided abode / abided
to abjure abjured abjured
to abnegate abnegated abnegated
to abolish abolished abolished
to abominate abominated abominated
to abort aborted aborted
to abound abounded abounded
to abridge abridged abridged
to abrogate abrogated abrogated
to abscond absconded absconded
to absolve absolved absolved
to absorb absorbed absorbed
to abstain abstained abstained
to abstain abstained abstained
to abstract abstracted abstracted
to abuse abused abused
to accelerate accelerated accelerated
to accept accepted accepted
to acclaim acclaimed acclaimed
to acclimatise acclimatised acclimatised
to acclimatize acclimatized acclimatized
to accommodate accommodated accommodated
to accompany accompanied accompanied
to accomplish accomplished accomplished
to accost accosted accosted
to account accounted accounted
to accredit accredited accredited
to accrue accrued accrued
to accumulate accumulated accumulated
to accuse accused accused
to accustom accustomed accustomed
to ache ached ached
to achieve achieved achieved
to achromatize achromatized achromatized
to acidify acidified acidified
to acidulate acidulated acidulated
to acknowledge acknowledged acknowledged
to acquiesce acquiesced acquiesced
to acquire acquired acquired
to acquit acquitted acquitted
to act acted acted
to activate activated activated
to actualise actualised actualised
to actualize actualized actualized
to actuate actuated actuated
to adapt adapted adapted
to add added added
to address addressed addressed
to adduce adduced adduced
to adjoin adjoined adjoined
to adjourn adjourned adjourned
to adjust adjusted adjusted
to administer administered administered
to admire admired admired
to admit admitted admitted
to adopt adopted adopted
to adore adored adored
to adorn adorned adorned
to adulate adulated adulated
to adulterate adulterated adulterated
to advance advanced advanced
to advertise advertised advertised
to advertise advertised advertised
to advise advised advised
to aerate aerated aerated
to affect affected affected
to affiliate affiliated affiliated
to affirm affirmed affirmed
to affix affixed affixed
to afflict afflicted afflicted
to afforest afforested afforested
to africanise africanised africanised
to africanize africanized africanized
to age aged aged
to agglomerate agglomerated agglomerated
to aggravate aggravated aggravated
to aggregate aggregated aggregated
to agitate agitated agitated
to agonize agonized agonized
to agree agreed agreed
to aim aimed aimed
to air aired aired
to alarm alarmed alarmed
to alcholise alcholised alcholised
to alcholise alcholised alcholised
to alert alerted alerted
to alienate alienated alienated
to align aligned aligned
to alkalinise alkalinised alkalinised
to alkalinise alkalinised alkalinised
to allege alleged alleged
to allegorise allegorised allegorised
to allegorize allegorized allegorized

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