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Free Audiobooks from Audible

Audible is the world's largest provider of audiobooks, and they currently have a 30 day free trial with two free books. This is a great chance to get a couple of free audiobooks that can really help with your language listening and pronunciation.

You can cancel the free trial at any time and you still get to keep the books, so you will always have them to refer back if you need a refresher.

There are thousands of options for language learners on there. Here are some of our recommendations for learning Spanish, French and English.

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free audio books

Note - use this link for 2 free books, if you sign up directly on Audible you only get 1

Earworms (many languages)

Earworms is a really interesting and fun way to learn that uses repeated melodies of words and phrases in order to cement them into your memory. Just like when you get a song stuck in your head (this is called an earworm - hence the name!), once you hear the repetitions a few times it's hard to forget them.

Pimsleur (many languages)

Pimsleur language courses are based on a progression of 30 min lessons where you listen, repeat and join in a conversation. The content gradual builds upon previously learned words in a very natural way. Pimsleur has been around for a long time and is very effective.

Collins Learn The Natural Way With Paul Nobel (Spanish, French, Italian)

While we haven't tried these ones ourselves, the Collins series of audiobooks with Paul Nobel are the highest rated language learning course on Audible. They definitely look worth checking out.

Easy Pronunciation (English)

Many learners of English struggle with improving their pronunciation. If that is something you want to improve than this is a highly rated option.

Easy American Idioms (English)

Perhaps your level of English is quite good but you want to increase your knowledge of idioms to sound more like a native speaker. If so then this is will help you out. There are also options to learn idioms and phrases for other languages.

Non Instructional Books

If you are at an intermediate or more advanced level you might be more interested in listening to actual foreign language books instead of instructional books. Audible is pretty good for this as you can search by book language and also by target age, so you can find all the Spanish books for kids aged 5-7, or 8-10 for example.