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100 Most Common English Verbs List

This is a list of the 100 most common verbs in English. If you are learning English it would be useful to learn these popular verbs first. Click though to see full conjugation tables of each verb.

Irregular verb forms are in red

No. Verb Simple Past Past Participle
1 to be were been
2 to have had had
3 to do did done
4 to say said said
5 to go went gone
6 to get got got / gotten
7 to make made made
8 to know knew known
9 to think thought thought
10 to take took taken
11 to see saw seen
12 to come came come
13 to want wanted wanted
14 to use used used
15 to find found found
16 to give gave given
17 to tell told told
18 to work worked worked
19 to call called called
20 to try tried tried
21 to ask asked asked
22 to need needed needed
23 to feel felt felt
24 to become became become
25 to leave left left
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