100 Most Common English Nouns

This is a list of the 100 most common nouns in the English language compiled from a number of sources.

No. Noun No. Noun
1time 51issue
2year 52side
3people 53kind
4way 54head
5day 55house
6man 56service
7thing 57friend
8woman 58father
9life 59power
10child 60hour
11world 61game
12school 62line
13state 63end
14family 64member
15student 65law
16group 66car
17country 67city
18problem 68community
19hand 69name
20part 70president
21place 71team
22case 72minute
23week 73idea
24company 74kid
25system 75body
26program 76information
27question 77back
28work 78parent
29government 79face
30number 80others
31night 81level
32Mr 82office
33point 83door
34home 84health
35water 85person
36room 86art
37mother 87war
38area 88history
39money 89party
40story 90result
41fact 91change
42month 92morning
43lot 93reason
44right 94research
45study 95girl
46book 96guy
47eye 97food
48job 98moment
49word 99air
50business 100teacher